god superstar® is a custom boutique internet design shop in New York City, working privately and independently for select clients.

GÖD ϟUPǝ̴̝̥͚͈̃ͭ́RS┼Δr͕͔͉ͅ p͍̲̪r̙̻̗̙̗̬̩͂̈̀ͣ͛øDUͼ┼IøИϟ®’  internet development ++ advertising + graphic design + darkweb + sound/multimedia ..a division of aaXia Interactive.

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custom design websites, graphics..web advertising and innovative dark internet structure. contact us for a quote for your project.\ web hosting, ecommerce, & advertising.

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TTF Horror was recorded at 96kHz/24-bit

 Oct 17, 2015 – Dark designs series got new sequel: TTF Horror. Sources for TTF Horror was recorded at 96kHz/24-bit using contact mic, mic was attached to … A Substructure is an underlying or supporting structure to superstructure. It is below ground level. Foundation is part of substructure. Substructure is the lower portion of the building which transmits the dead …